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Special Course

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Interdisciplinary topical or experimental courses to be approved by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A particular course may be offered at most three times under the A&S 300 number and no A&S 300 course may be given for more than six credits per semester. Open to all University students subject to such limits or prerequisites as set by the instructor. May be repeated to a maximum of twelve credit hours under different subtitles.


Spring 2014
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
A&S 300-001 3.0 Chemistry-Physics Bldg-Rm.201-CP, Chemistry-Physics Bldg-Rm.201-CP Mark Lovell, Mark Lovell
A&S 300-002 3.0 Whitehall Classroom Bldg-Rm.235-CB Matteo Benassi
A&S 300-003 3.0 Kastle Hall-Rm.213-KAS Catherine M Carswell
A&S 300-004 2.0 Whitehall Classroom Bldg-Rm.342-CB Feifei Helian
A&S 300-005 3.0 Dickey Hall-Rm.B0057-DH, Dickey Hall-Rm.B0057-DH Mr. Marc Jason Cummins, Mr. Marc Jason Cummins
A&S 300-006 3.0 Whitehall Classroom Bldg-Rm.213-CB, Chemistry-Physics Bldg-Rm.111-CP Erik A Reece, Erik A Reece
Summer II 2014
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
A&S 300-720 3.0 TBD James Sleight
Fall 2014
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
A&S 300-001 3.0 Whitehall Classroom Bldg-Rm.233-CB Joseph Daniel O'Neil
A&S 300-002 3.0 Chemistry-Physics Bldg-Rm.201-CP Bert C Lynn
A&S 300-003 3.0 TBD TBD
A&S 300-004 3.0 Multi-Disciplinary Sci Bldg-Rm.220-MDS TBD
A&S 300-005 3.0 Whitehall Classroom Bldg-Rm.209-CB TBD
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