PHI 334 - Business Ethics - Fall 2014

An introduction to moral problems that arise in contemporary business practice and the ethical frameworks proposed to resolve them. Topics will include areas such as truth-telling and integrity; social responsibility; property rights and their limitations; and justice in personnel and labor practices.  Particular emphasis will be placed on environmental issues and the role of the consumer.

Because we live in a world that is increasingly interconnected through trade, many of our everyday activities utterly depend on the production, transportation, and consumption of goods and services from all over the globe.  The practices of businesses and consumers are far-reaching and can be, in a manner of speaking, Earth-shattering.  Corporations, although afforded the legal status of persons, are typically not held to the same ethical standards as actual persons.  In a similar manner, consumers who are actual persons are not blamed for the human exploitation and environmental degradation associated with their purchases.  In this course, we will attempt to correct such oversights as we consider the ethical responsibilities of both businesses and consumers.





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