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Joan Callahan (1946-2019)


Work in Progress:
Feminist Philosophers: In Their Own Words. This is a multi-year, multi-product project, undertaken with Professor Nancy Tuana of the Pennsylvania State University.  Phase I, which is currently underway, includes digitally filming in-depth (roughly six-hour) interviews of the first chronological cohort of North American feminist philosophers and the first feminist philosophers to open new areas of philosophical inquiry; producing readily-available edited versions of these interviews and compilation versions on DVDs; producing searchable transcripts online; publishing in hard copy at least one collection of excerpts from the interviews; and archiving products of the interviews at the University of Kentucky and Pennsylvania State University libraries.  Scholars already interviewed include Linda Martín Alcoff, Anita Allen, Sandra Bartky, Susan Bordo, Claudia Card, Lorraine Code, Marilyn Frye, Ann Garry, Carol Gould, Sandra Harding, Virginia Held, Sara Hoagland, Alison Jaggar, Genevieve Lloyd, María Lugones, Mary Mahowald, Diana Meyers, Uma Narayan, Nel Noddings, and Sara Ruddick.  Various other films have also been made – e.g., memorial sessions for Iris Marion Young; keynote sessions for the Epistemology and Ignorance conference at Penn State; the anniversary session for Sarah Hoagland’s Lesbian Ethics, Sandra Bartky’s retirement session at the APA; keynote addresses at the Hypatia. 25th Anniversary Conference.   As of January 2010, two-hour edited versions of some of the interviews will start to become available through the Penn State Rock Ethics Institute website. This project is sponsored and has been partially supported by the American Philosophical Association, with generous additional support from the University of Kentucky Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and College of Arts and Sciences and the Pennsylvania State University Rock Ethics Institute and College of the Liberal Arts. Please contact Professor Tuana or me for information on the project’s progress.