Spring 2019

Friday afternoons  at 4 pm (Unless otherwise noted) 
1/25: Collin Rice (Bryn Mawr), “The Relevance of Irrelevance to Scientific Explanation” at 4pm in Gatton College of Business and Economics, room 191.
2/15: Curt Meine (), “Aldo Leopold and Land Ethics in a Time of Rapid Change” at 4pm in the Student Center, room 330. 
3/2: Graduate Student Conference, Social and Political Philosophy, Peg Birmingham (DePaul) Keynote
3/22: Maria Pia Lara (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana), 3/22 (populism) 
4/5: Lori Watson (UC San Diego), 18th Floor POT
4/8: John Ferrari (Berkeley), "The Messages We Send When We Send Messages With Clothes" (Monday, 7pm, Young Library Auditorium)
Fall 2018
9/14: Andreas Elpidorou, (University of Louisville), “On Boredom” (005 Main Building)
9/28: Brad Stone (Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles), "James Baldwin, White ‘Privilege,’ and Jouissance: A Levinasian Reading” (005 Main)
NB: Prof. Stone will lead a seminar style discussion on the topic of philosophy of race from 2-3:30 before his talk. 
10/12, 5:00pm: Shelly Johnson (Georgetown College) (005 Main)
NB: Prof. Johnson will start her talk at 5 pm. Prof. Johnson appears as part of our series bringing alumni back to speak about their job market and early career experiences. 
11/9: Mary-Louise Gill (Brown) TBA (005 Main)
11/30: Antón Barba-Kay (Catholic University) TBA
Room TBA.
The speakers series committee:
Stefan Bird-Pollan
Tim Sundell
MC Cunningham
Sebastiaan Meissner
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