09|15|15 - UK Constitution Day 2015: 'Learning, Leadership, and Civic Engagement' -

Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day, commemorates the ratification of the United States Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787.

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07|28|15 - Think About It: Philosophy Camp -

The week-long camp was run by four Ph.D. students passionate about the field and eager to share their love for philosophy with others. The camp drew a group of students ranging from 11 to 17-years-old who possessed a variety of backgrounds.

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06|25|15 - UK Human Development Institute Honors Two With Paul Kevin Burberry Award - On June 19, both Harold Kleinert and Katie Hastings were named by the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute (HDI) as the winners of the prestigious 2015 Paul Kevin Burberry Award. - more...
06|10|15 - Sociology Junior Represents ONE Campaign at G7 Summit - Ryan McElhose, a University of Kentucky sociology junior, with minors in philosophy and neuroscience, recently represented the ONE Campaign, an international advocacy organization, at this year’s G7 summit in Germany. - more...
06|01|15 - Summer Camps That Are Fun and Educational - There is a surplus of summer camps available for local children, but the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences offers a summer day camp experience beyond the norm — camps focusing on linguistics, geography, creative writing and philosophy - more...
04|17|15 - VIDEO: Twenty-three to be Inducted Into UK Hall of Distinguished Alumni - What makes a university thrive as a community and a center for knowledge? - more...
04|15|15 - College students responsible for habits they make -

Patrick Brennan, mathematics and philosophy junior, publishes opinion piece on characte

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01|26|15 - Defining Borders: Social Theory Graduate Course - Every spring the Committee on Social Theory offers the team-taught seminar—always with four professors. Previous course themes/names for the seminar have included “Law, Sex, and Family” “Autobiography,” and “Security.” But previous seminars may not have spoken so directly to the professors’ personal backgrounds as “Transnational Lives” does with this team of four. - more...
10|15|14 - Odom Awarded Lifetime Scholarship From Chickasaw Nation - Psychology senior Jay "Jaxcy" Odom has received the Chickasaw Nation Lifetime Scholarship. - more...
10|01|14 - We're All Friends Here - A&S faculty are erasing the gap between the natural sciences and the social sciences and humanities. - more...
Dr. Robin R. Wang "Yinyang: The Way of Ways" Join the University of Kentucky Confucius Institute (UKCI) in welcoming Dr.... @ Patterson Office Tower 18th Floor, West-End Lobby
Paul Guyer (Brown University) "The Twofold Morality of Kantian Recht" Several prominent interpreters have argued that Kant's political philosophy is... @ Main Administration 005
11/09/15 to 11/13/15
Dr. Chris Montgomery (University of Sheffield, England) Compressed Course: "Mapping Variation: An Introduction to the Use of Geospatial Tools for Linguistic Analysis" (A&S 500-003) This one-week, one-credit compressed course focuses on mapping variation... @ Oliver H Raymond Building, Room C226
Michael Monahan (Marquette University) "Recognition and Identity: A Hegelian Response to Contemporary Critics" Starting in the early 1990’s with the publication of Axel Honneth’s landmark... @ Main Administration 005
Alexis Burgess (Claremont McKenna College) "Six New Ways to Survive" You're 40, reminiscing with college friends about a memorable experience from... @ Main Administration 005


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