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Academics / Graduate Program / Awards & Accomplishments

Awards & Accomplishments

Recent Graduate Student Awards
  • Thayne Cameron was awarded the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Fellowship (Spring 2021)
  • M.C. Cunningham was awarded the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding T.A. award (2020)
  • Christopher Grimsley was awarded the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding T.A. award (2020)
  • Victoria Riggs was awarded the Wimberly C. Royster Fellowship from the College of Arts and Sciences (2020)
  • Kayla Bohannon was awarded the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Competitive Fellowship (Fall 2020).
  • Lauren O'Dell was awarded the Dean’s Competitive Fellowship for Fall 2019.

Congratulations to our graduate students on receiving these awards!

Graduate Student Accomplishments
  • M.C. Cunningham’s paper “Purification in Plato’s Symposium” was accepted for publication in Epoché: a Journal for the History of Philosophy (forthcoming in 2021)
  • M.C. Cunningham’s paper “Parmenides’ Poem as Initiation” will be published in Inquiring into Being: Essays on Parmenides (forthcoming)
  • Colby Clark will be attending the SFI Summer Program for Complex Adaptive Systems Theory (Summer 2021)
  • Kristian Sheeley’s paper “The Necessity of Moral Virtue for Spiritual illumination in the Cappadocian Fathers” was accepted for presentation at The Reception of Plato in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages Conference (Summer 2021)
  • M.C. Cunningham’s paper “Parmenides’ Poem as Initiation” was accepted for presentation at the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (Spring 2021)
  • Andrew Van’t Land published “Developing a Philosophy Summer Camp at the University of Kentucky” (co-authored with C. Buchanan, S. Chaudhary, J. Lincoln, C. Graham, L. Dickey, and C. Smith) in Philosophy Camps for Youth: Everything You Wanted to Know about Starting, Organizing, and Running a Philosophy Camp, edited by Claire Katz (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2021).
  • Chris Grimsley’s paper “Causal and Non-Causal Explanations of Artificial Intelligence” was accepted to The 27th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association (PSA 2020/2021)
  • Chris Grimsley published, presented, and co-authored (with E. Mayfield and J.R.S. Bursten) “Why Attention is Not Explanation: Surgical Intervention and Causal Reasoning about Neural Models.” In Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 1780–1790. Marseille, France: European Language Resources Association, 2020.
  • Ryan McCoy’s paper “Is Modern Science a Problem for Living as a Pyrrhonist Today? A Discussion of Richard Bett’s “Can we be Ancient Sceptics?” was published in the International Journal for the Study of Skepticism (Fall 2020)
  • Andrew Van’t Land presented “Social Reproduction and Labor Aristocracy: Marxist Feminism and Aristotle’s Economics” at the 3rd Annual Kentucky Gender & Women’s Studies Conference (Fall 2019).
  • M.C. Cunningham presented her paper “Purification in Plato’s Symposium” at the Ancient Philosophy Society, 19th Annual Meeting (2019)
  • Central APA, 2019
    • Current Graduate Students: James Lincoln, Lila Wakeman, and Colin Smith presented at the Central APA.
    • James Lincoln is interviewed by the APA Blog.
    • PhD Alumni: Peter Antich (Marquette), Joseph Trullinger (George Washington University), and Michael Wiitala (Cleveland State) (former PhD students) presented at the Central APA, 2019. Brett Fulkerson-Smith (Harper College) organized the panel "Best Practices in Teaching Philosophy: Argument Mapping".

  • Clay Graham, Carrie Reed, and Lila Wakeman presented papers together at the 7th Annual Dimensions of Political Ecology (DOPE) Conference. Their session was titled “Appraisals of Aldo Leopold’s Environmental Philosophy.” Graham presented “Leopold’s Ecological Conscience & Inter-Being in Zen Buddhism: Toward the Necessity of Community in Environmental Philosophy”. Reed presented “Leopold’s Land Ethic Weakly Defended.” Wakeman presented “Common Features of Leopold’s Land Ethic and Shrader-Frechette’s Hierarchical Holism”. 
  • Colin Smith presented “Turning Toward Forms: Method in Plato’s Theaetetus, Sophist, and Statesman Trilogy” at the University of Chicago Graduate Student Conference in Ancient Philosophy. He presented “The Groundwork of Dialectics in Statesman 277a- 287b” at the North American Workshop in Platonic Philosophy at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. 
  • Jarrad Felgenhauer presented “Race, Revolution, and Violence: A Hegelian Triad” at the Northwest Philosophy Conference (2017). He also presented “Che Guevara, Frantz Fanon, and the New Humanism” at the Radical Philosophy Association (2016). 
  • Suraj Chaudhary presented his paper, “Modern Technology and the Distortion of Being,” at the 7th International Colloquium on the Philosophy of Technics that took place in Argentina in October (2016). 
  • Kayla Bohannon presented a paper entitled “Why Limiting Abortion to Instances of Rape is Problematic” in July at the North American Society for Social Philosophy’s annual conference (2017).