Graduate Student Profiles

Daniel "D" Cole

Daniel “D” Cole, a student in political theory, chose a graduate path in philosophy after being introduced to the field in an undergraduate course. He was quickly drawn to Aristotle’s take on “What is a good human life?”, inspired by the way Aristotle considered it a question rather than listing rules for a good life.

Cole believes that this course of study is intrinsically worthwhile, both from a career standpoint and in daily life. His dissertation focuses on populism and democracy, specifically the differences between “liberalism and populist-authoritarian rhetoric”.

While Cole focuses more on his intellectual projects, he hopes to have a career that allows him to “pursue a project to the fullest extent possible”. He has a passion for teaching, likely hoping to have a position that allows him to both teach students and conduct research in the field he is most passionate about.


Lauren O'Dell

Lauren O'Dell, specializing in medical ethics and feminism, selected philosophy as a graduate student after beginning as a biology undergraduate. After finding the sciences did not have the framework to answer many questions she had, she took philosophy courses which “opened [her] eyes to a whole new way of thinking”.

O'Dell currently is conducting research in her two areas of specialization. Her studies analyze the concept of trust in the healthcare provider/female patient relationship and “how power dynamics can affect trust on both sides of the relationship”.

O'Dell is intrigued by the idea of teaching philosophy as a professor, but is drawn to working in a hospital setting doing full-time clinical ethics.