Program Requirements

Satisfactory progress through the Ph.D. program is typically made by fulfilling five general requirements, each merely summarized here.  (The requirements are more technical than this: please refer only to the official program regulations for the authoritative statement of the requirements).

  1. At least 52 hours of course work, with specific distributional requirements.
  2. Timely and satisfactory completion of the two Comprehensive Exams in the history of philosophy from Plato through Nietzsche: one exam in Metaphysics and Epistemology, one exam in Value Theory.
  1. Satisfactory completion of Philosophy 520: Logic, or its equivalent.
  2. Satisfactory demonstration of reading competence in one foreign language relevant to the student’s philosophical program of study (e.g., Greek, Latin, French, or German).
  3. Satisfactory completion of three steps preparatory to writing the dissertation: the Area Proposal, the Qualifying Exam, the Dissertation Proposal (each of these steps has written and oral components).
  4. Satisfactory completion and oral defense of a Dissertation.

The coursework requirements differ depending on previous graduate coursework, specifically whether one enters with no M.A. in Philosophy, a one-year M.A. in Philosophy, a two-year M.A. in Philosophy. See these checklists for summaries:

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