Typical Progress

Ph.D. students entering without an M.A. are strongly encouraged to complete their studies within five years. Every effort will be made to see that all students entering the Ph.D. program without an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Kentucky are offered five years of financial support (teaching assistantships and/or fellowships), with ongoing funding for those years contingent on the availability of funds and the student's continuing to make satisfactory progress through the program.

Comprehensive Exam Timing Requirements:
Comprehensive Exams are given in the week before classes start every Fall Semester and Spring Semester (so usually mid-August and early-January).  To maintain satisfactory progress, students must:

  1. attempt one exam by the beginning of their third semester (second year); 
  2. pass one by the beginning of their fourth semester (middle of second year); and 
  3. pass both exams by the beginning of their sixth semester (middle of third year).

All doctoral degree requirements must be completed within five years following the semester or summer session in which the candidate successfully completes the Qualifying Examination.

Most of the other program requirements must be met in a ‘timely manner’ (though, once again, refer to the various Regulations for authoritative information). The Graduate Faculty of the Philosophy Department meets yearly in January or February to review the progress of each student to determine whether it is ‘satisfactory.’