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Honors & Awards

Departmental Honors

In order to apply for Departmental Honors in Philosophy, a student must graduate with a 3.5 cumulative GPA or above in PHI courses and write a senior thesis. Students are encouraged to enroll in PHI 395 for support in writing the senior thesis, which should occur second semester senior year but can begin first semester senior year. Deadline to apply for Departmental Honors for those intending to graduate in May is November 30th.

Contributions Welcome to Fund Undergraduate Awards

Due to the generosity of alumni, the Philosophy Department was able to make several awards to deserving undergraduate philosophy majors. The Kuiper-DeBoer scholarship is based on academic achievement and financial need, while the Matchette Award and the newly-formed Senior Achievement Award are based on academic achievement. The Philosophy Department is grateful to all the past donors whose contributions made it possible to award deserving students in our program. We welcome any donations that will help us continue to support our students’ success.

2022-23 Award Recipients

  • Julia King (Kuiper-De Boer Award)
  • Rick Marino & Brenna Staser (Franklin J. Matchette Foundation Award)
  • Carleigh Parr (non-graduating Senior Award)
  • Robert Webb III (graduating Senior Award)
2023 Undergrad Awards
2022-23 Recipients Pictured Left to Right: Carleigh Parr, Julia King, Rick Marino, Robbie Webb III, & Brenna Staser



2021-22 Award Recipients:

  • Edmund Dye (Kuiper-De Boer Award)
  • Ryan Mckenzie(Franklin J. Matchette Foundation Award)
  • Valarie Newberg & Matthew Chaney (non-graduating Senior Award)
  • Elias Cope Weekley & Christiane Canant(graduating Senior Award)