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Clare Batty

Research Interests:
Philosophy of Perception
Philosophy of Mind

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007
B.A. (Hons.) Simon Fraser University, 1999


Clare Batty works in the philosophy of mind and, in particular, the philosophy of perception.  Her current work focuses on olfactory experience.  In addition to the philosophy of perception, her other areas of interest include topics in metaphysics, epistemology and the history of philosophy.

Online Papers

Please see philpapers profile:

Office Hours

Tuesday 11:00-12:15; and by appointment.

Selected Publications:

“Redefining Illusion and Hallucination in Light of New Cases,” Co-authored with Fiona Macpherson, Philosophical Issues (online Oct. 2016).  Retrievable from

“Olfactory Objects, ” in Perception and its Modalities, ed., S. Biggs, D. Stokes and M. Matthen, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014): 222-245.

“The Illusion Confusion,” Frontiers in Psychology 5 (Mar. 2014).  Retrievable from

“Smelling Lessons,” Philosophical Studies 153 (Mar. 2011): 161-174.

“A Representational Account of Olfactory Experience,”Canadian Journal of Philosophy 40 (Dec. 2010)511-538.

“What the Nose Doesn’t Know: Non-Veridicality and Olfactory Experience,” Journal of Consciousness Studies 17 (April 2010): 10-17.

“Scents and Sensibilia,” American Philosophical Quarterly 47 (Apr. 2010): 103-118.

“What’s That Smell?,” Southern Journal of Philosophy 47 (Dec. 2009): 321-348.