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Jim Force


Ph.D. Washington University, 1977


Professor Force obtained his Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis in 1977. He centers his research upon the history of philosophy and science in the early modern period and is especially interested in the nature of the connection between Newton's theology and Newton's science.

Selected Publications:
  • William Whiston.  Honest Newtonian.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 1985.  2nd (paperback) edition, 2002.

  • Essays on the Context, Nature, and Influence of Isaac Newton's Theology, co-authored with Richard H. Popkin.  International Archives of the History of Ideas, Vol. 129.  Dordrecht:  Martinus Nijhoff, 1990.

  • “Holy Grail, (Almost) Wholly Newton:  Revisiting the Newtonian and Anti-Newtonian Elements In Alexander Pope’s Essay on Man,” Enlightenment and Dissent 25 (2009.)