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Kristian Sheeley

Research Interests:



University of Kentucky | PhD in Philosophy, Ongoing

University of Kentucky | MA in Philosophy, 2020

Duquesne University | BA Summa Cum Laude, 2017


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sheeley, Kristian. "Philosophical Rhetoric as Paideia in Plato's Phaedrus," in Paideia and Performance, ed. Heather Reid, Henry Curcio, and Mark Ralkowski. Parnassos Press, forthcoming (2023).

Sheeley, Kristian. "Moral Virtue as a Requisite for Illumination in the Platonic Tradition." Religions 12, no. 10: 838. (2021).

Cimakasky, Joseph, Kristian Sheeley, and Joseph R. Romano. 2021. “This Strange Creature: Plato and Conversion Experiences.” Religions 12, no. 10: 847. (2021).


Other Publications

Book Review: Reading Plato’s Dialogues to Enhance Learning and Enquiry: Exploring Socrates’ Use of Protreptic for Student Engagement by Mason Marshall (Routledge, 2020). Ancient Philosophy 42 (1): 303-307. (2022).


Courses Taught

Asian Philosophy (PHI 343)

Existentialist Thought and Literature (PHI 317)

Health Care Ethics (PHI 305) 

Philosophy and Science Fiction (PHI 315)

Philosophy of Religion (PHI 245)

Introduction to Philosophy: Morality and Society (PHI 130)

Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality (PHI 100)