Kristian Sheeley

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  • PhD Candidate
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Philosophy
1406 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:


University of Kentucky | PhD in Philosophy, Ongoing

University of Kentucky | MA in Philosophy, 2020

Duquesne University | BA Summa Cum Laude, 2017


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sheeley, Kristian. 2021. "Moral Virtue as a Requisite for Illumination in the Platonic Tradition." Religions 12, no. 10: 838.

Cimakasky, Joseph, Kristian Sheeley, and Joseph R. Romano. 2021. “This Strange Creature: Plato and Conversion Experiences.” Religions 12, no. 10: 847.


Other Publications

Book Review: Reading Plato’s Dialogues to Enhance Learning and Enquiry: Exploring Socrates’ Use of Protreptic for Student Engagement by Mason Marshall (Routledge, 2020). Ancient Philosophy 42 (1): 303-307. 2022.


Courses Taught

Asian Philosophy (PHI 343)

Existentialist Thought and Literature (PHI 317)

Health Care Ethics (PHI 305) 

Philosophy and Science Fiction (PHI 315)

Introduction to Philosophy: Morality and Society (PHI 130)

Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality (PHI 100)