Luke Wadhams

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  • Teaching Assistant
  • Philosophy
14th Floor Elevator Hallway Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:
MWF 2:00-3:00

B.A., Philosophy, University of North Carolina-Asheville (Asheville, NC), 2011.

M.A., Philosophy, University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY), 2016.


Some time ago, a one-armed man killed my wife, Sabrina, a working girl.  I should have been presumed innocent, but for six days and seven nights I was a fugitive on the run.  I was in clear and present danger until a frantic witness returned from his journey to Shiloh and was able to confirm my alibi; regarding Henry (the witness), the conversation he had with police authorities proved that I had no time for killing.  The actual killer was one of the Devil's own - a man suffering from paranoia named Dan August (aka "The Frisco Kid"), who at the time of the murder was residing on Hanover Street off the Mosquito Coast.  He and his partner, Jimmy Hollywood, were already wanted for 42 counts of Hollywood homicide, but had evaded apprehension through extraordinary measures.  Since the clearing of my name, my interests have shifted from fugitivity to German metaphysics, particularly German Idealism and the various matters connected therewith.

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