New PhD Students

2020-21 Entering Cohort

  • Anthony Casadonte Moving from East Coast to West Coast, I left my hometown in Massachusetts to complete a BA in gender studies at USC in Los Angeles. Since my BA I have been very interested in the question of how we can abstract from and see ourselves as if externally and objectively, especially in terms of commodity fetishism, reification, technology, and spectacle. Wanting to develop an understanding of the background and trajectory of this tendency towards abstraction, I went to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh to complete a MA in philosophy. Now, more generally, my interests at the University of Kentucky include Heideggerian and Hegelian phenomenology as well as Daoism and Chinese Buddhism. In my spare time, I study classical and modern Chinese, write and read poetry, and enjoy other aesthetic phenomena such as video games, anime, and a variety of music.
  • Rayne Craig
  • Luke Elmore
  • Victoria Riggs I received my Bachelor's in Philosophy from Georgia Southern University in 2019, with a minor in Political Science. My philosophical interests are not particularly defined at the moment, but include a focus on ethics, critical social thought, and a growing desire for inter-disciplinary work regarding the human condition. Some of my favorite philosophers include Herbert Marcuse and John Stuart Mill (subject to change with time). I wouldn't say I am ever not philosophizing, but in the times that I am not actively focused on graduate work I spend my hours creating! My current hobbies include making resin and polymer clay earrings, as well as strolling through nature and staring out windows dreaming of living in a garden.
  • Mykyta Storozhenko I spent my formative years in Yalta, a city on the Crimean Riviera. I earned my B.A. in Philosophy with Honors at Florida Atlantic University in 2018. My published senior seminar paper concerned the contradictions in Enlightenment thinking, and my honor’s thesis addressed Robert Nozick’s Entitlement Theory of Justice. I earned my M.A. in Philosophy at Kent State University, successfully defending my thesis in 2020. My master’s thesis concerned the relationship between metaphysical realism and phenomenology. My philosophical interests are broad, though by no means shallow. Continental philosophy interests me insofar as the thinkers in the tradition address our ontological and existential lot, as well as the implications these have on our lives. In the same vein, I am interested in 18th and 19th century German as well as Ancient philosophy, for these too address the same problem. Much like all philosophers, I also enjoy a more ‘worldly’ life outside academia. I like to cycle, which Lexington and the surrounding countryside is great for. I like to cook, and consider myself a very skilled home cook. Finally, I enjoy spending time with family. In the summer, I like to visit Ohio, and in the winter, Florida. For more details about me, please see my UKY College of Arts and Sciences Profile Page.
  • Paul-Anthony Turner Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, I attended Southern Adventist University where I earned my BA (2017) in Theology and minors in Biblical Languages and Health and Wellness. Then, I attended the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary where I earned my MDiv (2019). I am intrigued by Husserlian phenomenology, Kantian idealism, hermeneutics, and philosophy of religion. Of especial interest are discussions of free will and the intersection of queer theory and phenomenology. Favorite pastimes include nerding out over Star Wars, meditating, exercising, and hanging out with my friends.