From the hosting website: "On Episode 57, Nick chats with Julia Bursten, Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Kentucky, about how her interactions with philosophers, physicists, and chemists led her toward a research career in the philosophy of nanoscience, doing socially-engaged philosophy of science with a regional focus, and her involvement as co-chair in the Philosophy of Science Association Women’s Caucus."
Published February 25, 2019

Fear Podcast: Drake, Elaine, and Ryan interview people on the subject of their fears.

Published January 22, 2017
PODCAST GROUP: Garret, Tim, Christian, Morgan
SUBJECT: Filial Piety
  1. Anonymous (student at the University of Kentucky, 1:27-15-20)
  2. Anne Taylor Wilson (Licensed Psychological Associate, 15:20-32:25)
  3. Hannah Sexton (student at BCTC, 32:30-49:25)
  4. Fr. Albert J DeGiacomo (Pastor, Catholic Diocese of Lexington, 49:25-1:01:30)
  5. Conclusion (1:01:30-1:12:40)
(drawn from PHI 343, Fall 2016, in which students studied and...
Published December 16, 2016
PODCAST GROUP: Philip, Dustin, Browning, Danielle
SUBJECT: Filial Piety
  1. Julia Shacklett (Recent college graduate living in Lexington, 1:40-15:20)
  2. Sam Holmes (Teacher at Christian Student Fellowship, University of Kentucky, 15:20-24:24)
  3. Mrs. Stahl (Danielle's mother, 24:24-35:40)
  4. Brandi (Entrepreneur, Journalist, Housewife, Cousin of Dustin Stopher, 35:40-46:00)
  5. Coach Becherer (Paternal Grandfather of Browning Becherer, 46:30-58:00)
Published December 16, 2016
PODCAST GROUP: Donovin, Evelyn, Angela, Rachel, Madison
SUBJECT: Satisfaction
  1. Suk Han Lietzow (Mother of Rachel Lietzow. United States immigrant from Hong Kong. Teacher at Mann Elementary School)
  2. John Pina (Undergraduate student, University of Kentucky)
  3. Dr. Vincent Cassone (Head of the Biology Department, University of Kentucky)
  4. Jamal Lewis (Father of Donovin Lewis, 33:10-44:00)
  5. Flora Hogner (Interviewed by Leora Kahn, Voices of the...
Published December 16, 2016
PODCAST GROUP: Lucas, Tessa, Avelyn, and Emma 
SUBJECT: Respect
  1. Todd Whittle (Father)
  2. Hannah Clendenin (President of Kappa Delta Sorority at the University of Kentucky)
  3. Jeffrey White (Executive Director of a local Lexington non-profit, the Nest)
  4. Luis Dominguez (Artistic Director of the Lexington Ballet)
  5. Mazie (Grandmother)
  6. Kevin (Father)
  7. Meg (UK 1st-year student)
(content drawn from...
Published December 12, 2016

In this podcast, Arais, Grant, Mack, and Michael talk to Mayor Jim Grey, Court of Appeals Judge Sara Walter Combs, UK General Counsel William E. Thro, and Dr. George Strunk (Senior Pastor of Christ Church United Methodist, Louisville) about their thoughts on duty and the importance of duty in their lives.

Published August 7, 2016

In this podcast, Cameron, Jake, Katie, and Jackson ask a Syrian war refugee about the nature of suffering and relate this to topics in Hinduism, Confucianism, and Buddhism, especially the concept of no-self. (we removed the music soundtrack prior to posting in deference to copyright)

Published August 7, 2016

In this podcast, Drake, Elaine, and Ryan ask three friends to reflect on what they fear and why they fear it. 

Published August 7, 2016

In this podcast, Hank, Karla, Lauren, and Taylor explore the nature of personal identity, its stability and fluidity, in relation to the Hindu and Buddhist ideas of attachment and normativity.

Published August 7, 2016


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