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19th -21st Century Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Philosophy of Perception, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, epistemology
1437 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Aesthetics, Kant, Hegel, Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy
1421 Patterson Office Tower
Teaching Postdoctoral Scholar
Social Philosophy, feminist philosophy, Philosophy of Film
1431 Patterson Office Tower
Professor and Acting Chair
Ancient and medieval philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Interactions of philosophy and theology
1405 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus
History of Philosophy; German Philosophy from Kant to Nietzsche, German Idealism
Professor Emeritus
Husserl, Phenomenology, 18th and 19th Century German Philosophy
Associate Professor
Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Philosophy of Chemistry, Philosophy of Physics
1427 Patterson Office Tower
Emeritus Faculty
Former Director of GWS
No photograph available for tdca229
Teaching Assistant
19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy;, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, History of Philosophy, Phenomenology, Critical Theory
POT 1406
No photograph available for AJCA277
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Reproductive Ethics, Bioethics, Kantian Ethics
1401 Patterson Office Tower
Complex Systems Theory, Philosophy of Ecology, Environmental Ethics
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for LEL239
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Department Manager Associate- Department of Philosophy
1415 Patterson Office Tower
German Idealism, Marxism, Critical Theory, Philosophy of Race, Postmodernism, Psychoanalysis, Liberation Philosophy
1403 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus
History of Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science
1407 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for emeritus-dallas-high
No photograph available for emeritus-harmon-holcomb
Political Philosophy: contemporary debates and history, 17th Century to the present., Topics in the History and Philosophy of Science, Theory Change
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Instructor (2012-present)
Teaching Assistant (2011-2012)
Late Modern Philosophy, especially Friedrich Nietzsche, Ethics, epistemology, feminism, Philosophy of Race, History of Philosophy, Science Fiction
1222 Patterson Office Tower
859-257-3517, 8592577002
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Philosophy
1503 Patterson Office Tower
University Research Professor
History of Early Modern Philosophy, Kant and post-Kantian German Idealism, Metaphysics, History and Philosophy of Science, Logic, Ancient Philosophy
1435 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for emeritus-jim-manns
Hermeneutic Phenomenology, Social and Political Philosophy
1402 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for JLMC288
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Metaphysics, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Games
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Gender & Disability Studies
1402/1406 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor
Post-Kantian Phil., French Enlightenment Phil, Hist. Phil. Science, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, feminism, Law
1425 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emeritus
History of Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Ethics
Ancient Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education
Professor Emeritus
logic in Western Europe from the Fifth to the Fifteenth century, Semantical theory of Donald Davidson, medieval logic, Asian Philosophy
1425 Patterson Office Tower
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No photograph available for joro224
Associate Professor
Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Politics, Metaphysics, Continental Philosophy
1423 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Phenomenology, Environmental Philosophy
1429 Patterson Office Tower
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